• We offer a variety of services at Eye Desire and Roth Eye Care.

• We strive to provide the most comprehensive eye exams and utilize the most technologically advanced ophthalmic equipment.

• At our office we provide:

Comprehensive Eye Exam $125

• Glasses prescription, eye health examination with dilation

• We accept the following vision insurances: Eyemed, VSP (Vision Service

Plan), Humana, Superior


Contact Lens Exam $190-$220

• Glasses prescription, contact lens trials prescription, eye health

examination and dilation

• Price includes contact lens trials as well as follow up visits


Orthokeratology $1900-$4000

• Vision correction without surgery.

• Dr David Roth designs a vision retainer that is worn at nighttime only and

corrects vision while you sleep.

• An alternative to LASIK.

• Prevents myopia from getting worse. Great option for children who’s

prescription is increasing each year. We work with children 5 and up.


Medical/Emergency Eye Visits $145

• Red eyes, itchy eyes, dry eyes, swollen eyes, styes, infections, etc

• We always accept medical and emergency eye visits same day.

• If there is something stuck in your eye that needs to be removed there may

be an additional charge up to $100.

• We accept the following medical/health insurances which may or may not

contribute towards your visit: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United

Health Care, Medicare


Specialty Contact Lenses

• Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGP)

• Sclerals

• Hybrid contact lenses (hard lens, soft skirt)

• Keratoconus Lenses

• Orthokeratology

Dry Eye

• Dry Eye treatment

• Blepharitis treatment



• Lasik Consultations

• Cataract consultations

• Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment

• Color vision/colorblind contact lenses

• Retinal imaging screening ($39)

• Retina/Macula scan screening ($50)

• Visual Field glaucoma screening ($30)

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