Our History
Our private optometric practice is unique in that it is family run by 3 generations of optometrists. The late Dr. Irwin Roth, opened our first location in Downtown Miami in the 1960’s and since then Eye Desire was opened in 2002 by his son, Dr. David M Roth. David’s daughter, Dr. Ashley Roth, joined the practice in 2014. All three Dr. Roth’s attended the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago.

Dr. Ashley Roth: “I decided I wanted to be an optometrist when I was about 13 years old. I used to get dropped off from school at our downtown location and I loved the fact that I got to see my grandfather and father working side by side. I remember handwriting the recall postcards and helping put the name stickers on the patient files. I thought it was so nice to see their professional relationship and thought I would love to work with my dad too! I graduated in 2014 and since my father graduated from there as well he was able to hood me. It was a very special moment and experience for both of us. I am really happy to be an optometrist and continue my family’s optometric legacy. Working with my father is a dream come true the days we work together are my favorite days.”


Our optometrists, together with our experienced eye care staff, strive to assist each patient with quality, cutting edge, vision solutions and exceptional customer service. Maintaining healthy eyes requires regular eye exams and our practices in Downtown Miami and Miami Beach provide all of your vision care needs. We gladly accept insurance plans at our offices and will help you maximize your vision insurance eligibility and coverage, making sure you get the most out of your benefits.

We strive to provide the most comprehensive eye exams and utilize the newest ophthalmic equipment and technology. We are pleased to offer our patients high tech equipment during their annual eye exam. We utilize digital exam equipment, offer optical coherence tomography, retinal/internal photography, Optos Optomap, external photography, visual field screenings as well as diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

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