Dr. Ashley Roth is an affiliate to The Longevity Project Miami

What is the Longevity Project Miami?

The Longevity Project's goal is to educate the South Florida community about the importance and correlation between one's health and wealth. There are many challenges throughout a lifetime with respect to these mutually exclusive fields. The Longevity Project navigates individuals through the confusion with the help of likeminded professionals in the local community.

The knowledge we provide empowers individuals to be able to make healthy lifestyle choices whether big or small. These choices are cumulative and directly effect financial and physical well being. Inspiration from our leaders will help you grasp the concepts of health and wealth and how to make sure you are equipped to live long, healthy, beautiful, and meaningful life while having the financial security to last a lifetime.

Dr. Ashley Roth is now an affiliate to the Longevity Project Miami!

Check out her affiliate page here:!dr-ashley-roth/cqbi


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