Did you know that you can get eye strain from looking at digital devices? Our kids are more prone to digital eye strain now more than ever due to the overwhelming use of tablets, cell phones, laptops, TV’s and computer screens. The term for eye strain caused by digital devices is “Computer Vision Syndrome”.


Get the Facts about Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)?

  • What is CVS?
  • Combination of eye and vision problems related to near work at a computer or screen
  • Affects up to 75% of computer users to some degree
  • Symptoms of CVS
  • Eyestrain, ocular discomfort, headache, dry eye, blur at near, double vision, slow refocusing, sensitivity to light, irritated eyes
  • Why do symptoms occur?
  • Uncorrected refractive error
  • Tradition forms of vision correction may not be appropriate for computer use
  • Improperly designed spectacle lenses
  • Undiagnosed binocular vision anomaly
  • Undiagnosed accommodative anomaly
  • How does looking at a computer differ from printed material?
  • Print: good contrast, sharp transition
  • Computer: image is made of pixels (not completely defined). Pixels are brightest in center and dimmer towards the edge which doesn’t allow good clear contrast like printed material does.

If you are having symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome it is a good time to schedule an appointment at Eye Desireor Roth Eye Care.

Dr. Ashley Roth & Dr. David Roth have the necessary tools and tests to check for CVS and can prescribe a specific prescription for computer glasses to alleviate your symptoms and make your eyes more comfortable.


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