Our office and doctors like to give back to our community. We are pleased to be a provider for the Florida Heiken Program.

We provide free eye examinations and glasses to eligible children at our downtown location (Roth Eye Care)

Eligible children receive vouchers for their community optometrist. You can learn more information here: http://www.miamilighthouse.org/Florida_Heiken_Program.asp

“According to research by the American Optometric Association, vision problems in children and teenagers may contribute to poor school performance, behavior issues and delinquency. AOA research shows that 1-in-4 children has vision problems; literacy can be improved with early intervention. With corrective lenses, children are able to read their assignments, see the board, and learn to their fullest potential. Their prospects for succeeding in school improve immeasurably.

Of the 1,400 families contacted in our recent Heiken Children’s Vision Program market research survey, underwritten by the Health Foundation of South Florida, 74% of the respondents reported that their child had improved academically because of the services provided by our Program.”


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