Miami Beach Emergency VisitsWE TREAT EYE EMERGENCIES!

Our doctors are ready and able to help you if you are having an ocular emergency and will see you on the same day. Many people think that they need to see an ophthalmologist but optometrists are trained and skilled in dealing with ocular emergencies. Urgent Care often does not have a microscope to diagnose eye conditions properly and the ER has long waits and higher copays. We will see you same day if you are having an ocular emergency, even if we are booked we will fit you into the schedule.

These are the eye emergencies we treat:

  • Eye infections (pink eye)
  • Styes
  • Corneal abrasion (scratches)
  • Foreign body (something is stuck in your eye)
  • Chemical splashed in your eye
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • New and sudden flashes or floaters
  • Itchy eyes from allergies
  • Eye pain
  • Discharge
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Red eye, itchy eyes, dry eyes, swollen eyes, styes, scratched cornea, infections, foreign body, etc

If you are having an ocular emergency during regular business hours please call 305-673-1211 and we will do our best to accommodate you same day as soon as possible.

Emergency visits without insurance start at $165.

We always accept medical and emergency eye visits same day. Same day visits start at $250.

If there is something stuck in your eye that needs to be removed there may be an additional charge up to $150.

We accept the following medical/health insurances which may or may not contribute towards your visit:
Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Health Care, Medicare

If you suspect you are having an ocular emergency , but you’re not sure if it can wait, please call our office so we can determine what kind of visit you require.


If you are having an ocular emergency after hours Dr. Roth will meet you at any time (before 12am) at our Miami Beach location for $350. If you need a surgical procedure (foreign body removal etc you will be charged an additional fee up to $100). We do not accept insurance for after hours emergency visits. You may call or text Dr. Roth directly at 305-761-5051. Please note that this is his personal cell phone and this number should only be contacted if you are having a true emergency after hours and need him to meet with you.

You can also visit the eye emergency room at Bascom Palmer. They have a 24 hour eye emergency room and your insurance will be charged as an emergency room (usually $500+). Their address is 900 NW 17th St 2nd floor, Miami, FL 33136 and their phone number is 305-326-6170. Please note that you will most likely have a long wait.