Eye Exams $125
Contact Lens Exams (additional $65-95)
Optos Retinal Imaging $39 (optional)

During a complete eye exam, Dr. Roth will not only determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, but also check your eyes for common eye diseases that could lead to vision loss, assess how your eyes work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

Eye examinations are an important part of health maintenance for everyone. Adults should have their eyes tested to keep their prescriptions current and to check for early signs of eye disease. For children, eye exams can play an important role in normal development.

Optos Retinal Photography
We are pleased to offer our patients Optos Retinal Imaging. This ultra-widefield retinal image is a unique technology that captures more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image while traditional imaging methods typically only show 15% of your retina at one time. We offer this additional screening for $39.

The benefits of having an Optos retinal image taken are:
– early protection from vision impairment or blindness
– Early detection of life-threatening diseases like cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease The unique ultra-widefield view helps your eye care practitioner detect early signs of retinal disease more effectively and efficiently than with

What does a Comprehensive Eye Exam consist of?
A comprehensive eye exam is an in depth examination that usually includes the following:

Patient History
Knowing about the patient and their visual demands/concerns is an essential part of a proper eye exam. The more we know about you and your eyes the better we will be able to care for you. Things we will ask you will include symptoms, general health problems, medications taken, occupational or environmental conditions, eye health, eye or vision problems, overall health, and your families previous eye or health conditions.

Visual Acuity
How well you see unaided and aided. Tested at distance and at near using a visual acuity chart.

Preliminary Tests
– Depth Perception, Eye Muscle Movement, Eye Alignment, Color Vision, Peripheral/side vision, Pupil’s response to light.

– Measurement of the front surface/cornea. Especially useful for contact lens exams.

– Using a phoropter the eye doctor can determine the appropriate lens power needed to compensate for any refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism). This will become your prescription (if you have one).

Eye Health Examination
– External examination of the cornea, eyelids, glands, conjunctiva, iris, and anterior chamber.
– Dilated exam to view the internal structures of the eye: the lens, retina, optic nerve and posterior section of the eye.

Interested in corrective vision surgery?
We support our laser and cataract surgery patients throughout the process. Our unique co-management style will ensure that your comfort is met. Dr. Ashley Roth & Dr. David Roth work directly with The Laser Center (TLC) and Millennium Eye Center as co-managing doctors and perform pre-op and post-op exams.