Our Services

We offer a variety of services at Eye Desire and Roth Eye Care.

We strive to provide the most comprehensive eye exams and utilize the most technologically advanced ophthalmic equipment.

At our office we provide:

o Eye Exams

o Contact Lens Exams

o Medical Visits (Emergency visits, Red Eyes, Foreign Body Stuck in the Eye, Glaucoma, etc)

o Orthokeratology/Gentle Molding Therapy (Vision Correction without surgery)

o Scleral Contact Lenses (for Keratoconus and irregular corneas)

o Glaucoma Treatment and Management

• Dry Eye Treatment and Management

Diagnosis and Treatment of Ocular Surface Disease (corneal disease)

o Blepharitis Treatment (Certified Blephex Lid Hygiene Doctor)
o Diabetic Eye Exams
o Pediatric Eye Exams
o Color Deficient Contact Lenses
o Computer Vision Syndrome Solutions