"Convenient location on 17th Street on South Beach, (at least when the road isn't under construction) Dr. Roth has evening and Saturday hours, which help a lot if you work. He works with your insurance, and he's just a great eye doctor. This isn't an "I've been to many eye doctors in my life time and no one compares to Dr. Roth. He is a passionate about his work and committed to providing the highest level of service possible."


"We have been very pleased and would highly recommend Dr. Roth and GMT to anyone. Our son has been able to see things more clear, sharp and is pleased regarding the sport he plays and the vision he has obtained. This had definitely helped his performance in the classroom and on the field. We, as his parents, couldn’t be any more happier with the results. Thank you Dr. Roth and we look forward to continued success!!!!"


"The day I started using Ortho changed my life. I couldn’t do anything without my glasses or contacts, which I was always losing, not unlike other kids my age. But then, I started wearing these contacts only while I slept and every morning I woke up able to see."


"This is an amazing treatment and an opportunity for anyone with eye issues, especially athletes, to have the freedom to train and compete with clear, worry-free vision. I highly recommend this treatment to the triathlon community and the public at large."


"It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning, take out my GMT contacts and be able to see perfectly all day and night. Thank you Dr Roth."


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